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Drawing 2018

A year full of drawing adventures

Drawing in Vienna

In July I traveled to Vienna for an illustration workshop with Yuko Shimizu. I knew her work from social media and I have been a fan of her drawings and illustration style for ages. The workshop, organized by Verena Weiss and Peter Olschinsky, took place in their smart and comfortable Atelier Olschinsky Art Store.

Yuko kept us on the run with her exciting assignments – quick character design studies, 25 different sketches of one and the same scenery, spotillustration practise, poster- and bookcover design and many more. Here are some impressions:

We had a four day super masterclass workshop in a pleasant working atmosphere. Verena and Peter took care of us very well and arranged tasty food, sweets and streams of coffee for us. It was great to meet many drawing people from all over the world and Yuko, who is an admirable artist and great tutor. It was a pleasure to meet you all in Vienna! Looking forward to coming back for more!

The last day in Vienna I spent on a visit at the mumok museum in Vienna. A fantastic music machine by Jean Tinguely inspired me to do this drawing on my way home.

Drawing in Rendsburg

My next journey took me to Rendsburg where we met for our long established once-a-year-masterclass „Das grafische Trainingslager an der Eider“ in the end of August. Each year we have a different guest artist who joins our class for a few days. This year´s guest was Sabine Wilharm, she is a fantastic draughtswoman and she provided an insight into her work as an illustrator. She brought a good choice of comical lyrics for us to illustrate. This work was great fun and it was amazing to see all the different images of our 38 classmates.

Illustration for Robert Gernhardt´s poem „Umgang mit Tieren aus der Tiefe“

In Rendsburg we have the nice tradition to draw each other. This year I drew all my classmates as little birds:

The workshop ended with a show of the results and a party as usual. But to me this evening was even more special. Our leader Tom passed the baton on to me and from next year on it will be my pleasure to chair our class. It was a touching moment. I´m really pleased and excited because this class has a very long tradition. It was established 1990 by draughtsman and poet Fritz Weigle alias F.W. Bernstein, cofounder of the artistic movement Die neue Frankfurter Schule  and the satirical magazines Pardon and Titanic. F.W. Bernstein held the leadership for more than 15 years, followed by his colleagues Bernd Stolz and Tom Breitenfeld. I feel very honored to become the next chief of this long-established course. The Nordkolleg, where our class takes place, is a wonderful and cosy location, it offers best accomodation, delicious food, a beautiful nature garden and a warm atmosphere.

Preview of Rendsburg 2019

2019 is going to be a special year because then the class takes place for the 30th time! And we have invited a special guest artist from Sweden! We are happy that Mattias Adolfsson ist going to enrich the class with his assignments and insight into his way of working. At the end of the workshop we will celebrate the anniversary with a great exhibition all over the Nordkolleg – and a fantastic party of course!

Please note: The class 2019 is already fully booked. But there are more interesting workshops in music, writing, drawing, learning languages and many more to find at the Nordkolleg. See the Nordkolleg-programme here.

Are you interested in reading more about Das grafische Trainingslager an der Eider? You can find further information and drawings in our rendsburgerblog and take a look at the history of the class on Last but not least: Here’s an older article about a workshop with Mattias Adolfsson in Vienna.


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  1. Peter P. Neuhaus sagt:

    Wenn man das so liest: Fast möchte man mit Dir tauschen! 🙂 Schön geschrieben. Auch, wenn ich das ein oder andere persönlich miterlebt habe oder 2019 miterleben werde – es ist schon schön, Deinen ganz eigenen Blick darauf lesen zu können. Chapeau!

    • Lotte sagt:

      Danke lieber Peter! Ich freu mich riesig aufs nächste Trainingslager und auf unsere gemeinsame Arbeit an den Vorbereitungen für die Ausstellung!

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