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Inktober 2021

Drawing challenge Inktober 2021

It is October and Inktober again! This means 31 drawings in 31 days. I follow the official Inktober prompt list by Jake Parker who is the founder of the Inktober challenge.

This year I decided to do my Inktober drawings by using only black ink and pencils. The second restriction I imposed, is the format. I use only mouldmade postcards with a special size for all my drawings (21 x 10,5 cm). So I’m forced to illustrate in an extreme vertical or horizontal format.

Again this task is quite stressful, just like every year. But I can’t help doing it! It’s so much fun and I have a burning ambition to make it in time. Let’s go!


1 Inktober – crystal

2 Inktober – suit

3 Inktober – vessel

4 Inktober – knot

5 Inktober – raven

6 Inktober – spirit

7 Inktober – fan

8 Inktober – watch

9 Inktober – pressure

10 Inktober – pick

11 Inktober – sour

12 Inktober – stuck

13 Inktober – roof

14 Inktober – tick

15 Inktober – helmet

16 Inktober – compass

17 Inktober – collide

18 Inktober – moon


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